Ten years has past since the West Kowloon Cultural District first became the subject of an architectural competition. During this period we have witnessed a significant movement of influence and capital from west to east. Propelled by this shift is the increase of cultural production from Hong Kong’s neighboring cities like Shenzhen, Taipei, Seoul and Tokyo. Whether it is experimental art from Cai Guo-Qiang, or pop influences of Girls Generation, or the modern dance company of Cloud Gate, the boost of cultural production as a form of capital has generated many literal and phenomenal impacts extending beyond the shores of its cultural origin.

This studio intends to speculate and instigate WKCD’s ambitions noted above by working with an exploratory framework. We will experiment with design studio’s linear process of research, concept to proposal, and explore an indeterminate and exploratory architectural proposition. Working in parallel with, and in support of the studio design, will be readings of theoretical writings. These texts will weave into the design exercises to provide the necessary intellectual support for the explorations.