1) The premise for this  studio operates under the assumption and framework that building programs and building vessels do not share the same endurance through time.  As such, this studio attempts to develop strategies that anticipate the required change, the need for flexibility and ideas on how to manage indeterminacy.

2) On the theoretical level, we addressed this challenge by re-consider definitions of identities.  Whether it is Object such as Key Lime which may be categorized with an Orange as part of the citrus family, or with Green Mango for its color similarity; or Space such as the shoreline, which belongs to neither the land nor the ocean since it is constantly changing.  The idea behind the theoretical exploration -or a way of thinking- is to examine opportunities that lies within the In-Between space, the blurring distinction between identities and the exploration of the Either-or.  The theoretical issues were dealt with from collective readings and discussions.

3) On the operational level, we experimented by generating a series of Matrix in both wire frames and in surfaces.  The Matrix became a design tool to develop notions of movement, flexibility, behavior and organization in a systematic way.  Students are encouraged to describe their Matrix with key word(s) to help reinforce the concept developed by their operational theory.  Which I hope they will speak about in their presentation.

4) The site is located in Downtown LA in the middle of the Fashion District that borders Skid Row, Toy District, Arts District and Little Tokyo.  It is situated within the urban fabric of an array of scales and textures.

Formulation of the studio problem is greatly in debt to Kyna Leski.