In Pursuit of a Project

Creation really is a patience (re)search over a life time. Two of the most significant projects in the last twenty years took decades for its full fruition. Centripetal organising principle of the Guggenheim Bilbao (1997) was clearly visible in the Winton Guest House (1987). Across scale and functionality, entering the vertically inclined living room at the house is equivalent to that of the lobby at the museum, the central element gathers the family members and the museum visitors alike. Also the elongated garage at the house is reminiscent to the Richard Serra wing at the museum. For Koolhaas, the making of the Seattle Central Library (2004) was the result of two unsuccessful competition attempts to reimagine the "moral goodness" of the library typology through strategy of the void 2.0 of the Tres Grande Bibliotheque (1989) and the diagonal strategy of the Deux Bibliothèque Jussieu (1992). The first strategy being an attempt to establish a dialectical relationship between the stable (determine) and the unstable (indetermine) programs, while the second is to blur the programmatic and spatial boundaries.