2013 Thesis Foreword

Relevance of a profession

Architectural education offers two areas of study to students, they are instrument and intention.  Study of instrument involves the use of tools necessary to transform an idea toward a physical manifestation while being instrumental with the apparatus to achieve an intended outcome.  Study of intention is to find the purpose behind the action that one takes.  It is as broad as the study of instruments and does not start or stop at the threshold of the architecture school.  If instrument draws parallel to how then intention could be understood as the why.  

Works represented in Interlude are the result of this meeting place between instrument and intention; between the mind and the heart.  For most students it is the first time they are given the chance to select the instrument(s) of their choice, and their first opportunity to define and defend the ideal intentions for their architecture.  This is also the initial attempt in validating their relevance as a young architect (or in becoming one).  As such, it is an exciting and critical moment of their lives and this is what architecture has offered them.
As our graduates enters the workforce they will confront many “real life” issues ahead, where their purpose or intention for becoming an architect will be cluttered by existential choices.  Therefore, I hope they will continue to expand upon the tools of their instrument to maintain their relevance, and further clarifying their intentions as an architect even as their career develops.