CORNERS, curves, deep spaces, details, Elevations, and places

  1. What is the architecture corner?
  2. Is the architecture corner necessary to form a building?
  3. Is it possible to perceive an architectural idea through the architecture corner?
  4. Is it possible to conceive an architectural idea through the architecture corner?
  5. Is the architecture corner an inevitable part of the whole, or could it be identified as it own discrete entity? Or made indistinguishable?
  6. If a building possesses an expression through the articulation of its facades and form, what is the role of the architecture corner within this premise?
  7. In what ways does the architecture corner affect, or contributes to the perception of the architecture facade?
  8. What is the aesthetic relevance of the architecture corner?
  9. Could the perception of the same architecture corner differ due to its interior and exterior context?
  10. What is the relationship, if any, between inside corner and outside corner in architecture?
  11. What are the technical functions of the architecture corner?
  12. Is the architecture corner different from the eaves of a building?
  13. Is the architecture corner only possible through an autonomous setting or does it also occur in an infilled site?
  14. Why is theorizing the architecture corner necessary?