In the spirit of Carl Lavia, Yoshiharu Tsukamoto, Momoyo Kaijima and the Exquisite Corpse. The first assignment for [Hong Kong Archive Super Ordinary 2047], will be Drawing City. A drawing that is about the city, about the collective and about observation and imagination.

10 Rules for Drawing City:
1. The 10 meters long drawing shall be divided equally by the number of students.
2. Students will be randomly assigned to the numeric confine.
3. Each student is responsible for drawing within the numeric confine.
4. Within the numeric confine, there are 3 AREAS identified as a, b, c
5. AREA a = b+c.
6. The streets of Kowloon will be the source of inspiration for Drawing City.
7. The drawing could be in any view the student desires i.e. elevation, axonometric, section, perspective, etc.
8. You may draw the streets, buildings, signages, and people. You may draw what is there, what was there or what will be there.
9. The student's main drawing shall be drawn in AREA b.
10. AREA a and c shall be created based upon your neighbour's main drawing. You shall react to his or her drawing.