"The section is a connection between two worlds"

In Vertex and Vortex- A tectonics of Section, Jennifer Bloomer described the convergence of inscription and incision as the moment when a section is born. The collision of these two actions is what is conventionally called the poche, which is referred to by Bloomer as the floaters. It is described as a thin layer of liquid substance. A black dot that lies in between the brain and the object observed. To inscribe is to capture a situation by giving it a visual presence. It is a trace, a memory, a description in between the viewer and the spatial narrative beyond. To incise is to discover the unknown of the beyond. It is a physical act, a temporal state of reading and understanding. Furthermore, the notion of gravity and orientation must be considered in the making of a section. She argued that a plan divorced from gravity is a section through transparency, that "a plan is a section which demands the presence of gravity". It must be connected to the world of tension and compression.